Tallapoosa Sculpin (Cottus tallapoosae)

The Tallapoosa Sculpin is restricted to the Tallapoosa River System above the Fall Line in the Mobile Basin. Like all sculpins, this species is an ambush predator that uses its cryptic coloration to hide on stream bottoms and eat anything it can fit into its extremely large mouth.

Black Sculpin (Cottus baileyi)

The Black Sculpin is restricted to the upper Clinch and Holston river systems where it can be relatively common. They reside in cool spring runs, creeks, and streams with moderately high gradients. This species is a smaller sculpin only reaching just over three inches in length.

Pygmy Sculpin (Cottus paulus)

The Pygmy Sculpin is a federally threatened species that is restricted to a single spring in east-central Alabama. The primary threat to this species is their narrow distribution and groundwater pollution. As its common name implies, the Pygmy Sculpin is smaller than other members of its family and does not reach two inches in length. Though their range is extremely restricted, they are abundant where they occur.