Speckled Madtom
Noturus leptacanthus
About This Fish

The Speckled Madtom is found in Gulf and Atlantic coast drainages from Louisiana to South Carolina, including the Mobile Basin. They live in gravel and sandy substrates in creeks to small rivers with aquatic vegetation. As the common name suggests, Speckled Madtoms have speckles on their fins and body. As members of the catfish family, all madtoms have whiskers (barbels) around their mouth with taste buds that aid in finding food. Like all members of the genus Noturus, Speckled Madtoms are smaller catfish reaching a maximum size of 3.5 inches.


Clark, K.E. 1978. Ecology and life history of the speckled madtom, Noturus leptacanthus (Ictaluridae). Masters Thesis. University of Southern Mississippi. Hattiesburg, Mississippi.